This updated page (September 2016), shows the full range of CLOCKS I produce, using my own photographs on the clock face.  These are now provided with frames (as shown).  These provide a new level of protection for both for the hands and the image itself, and improves the appearance.  These are all handmade, using photographic prints (matt finish, with colours guaranteed for 100 years !) mounted on board, with a high-precision German-made clock mechanism, and designed for wall hanging.  Most have hands painted with white enamel.

These are produced in 4 sizes:

Image 5 x 5 inches ( 125 x 125 mm) (overall size ***)

Image 8 x 8 inches ( 200 x 200 mm) (overall size ***)


Image 8 x 10 inches ( ** x ** mm) (overall size ***)

Image 10 x 12 inches ( ** x ** mm) (overall size ***)


5 inches and 8 inches square

Click any image to enter gallery





There are several views of the Georgian city (a UNESCO world heritage site), as well as some of the Roman Gorgon’s head representing the god Sulis, from excavations in the Roman baths.

Click any image to enter gallery.



Historic small market town near Bath








See a range of current designs on a SEPARATE PAGE



These clocks are provided with secure individual packaging, in cardboard boxes within a polystyrene frame – see below.

packed boxes composite copy w numbers







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