Landline Cards

Landline Cards is the imprint of a series of greetings cards with real photographic prints depicting landscapes and places in the West Country, including Wells and Glastonbury (Somerset), and Lyme Regis (Dorset).   Separate series now include selected views of Somerset and Dorset.  These celebrate the photography of Jeremy Haslam.

Landline cards are sized at 140 x 160 mm when folded, and are supplied with envelopes and cello wrapping.

As well as these cards of places, other greetings cards are published with more abstract images as separate series – abstracts, ‘street geometry’, street-scape abstracts, photo-mosaics, photo-collages, and reflections.  Also included is a series of fruit, vegetables and bread.  These are produced as real photographic prints mounted on a pre-printed card backing.  In this way the subtlety and vibrancy of the colours of the originals can be preserved.  These are shown in the pages on this web site.  Please go to pages of each series via the menu above.

To order, Go to ORDER FORM  (Print out and/or save to your computer, and return as instructed on the form).

A 72-pocket rotary floor-standing greetings card stand can be supplied free with any orders of 360 cards or more (5 x 72 different images, from any series).  See details of this stand in the link below

Greetings card stand – rotary floor-standing

Also published are scenes of Bath in Somerset, and Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire as printed cards.

NEW – Clocks, using photos as the clock faces.  View the selection from the index above.

4 clocks


Now – new for 2016: a new range of hand-made designer clocks, each with a new design of collaged card, paper and the occasional photographic print.  Size 12 inches x 8 inches.  See more designs in the clocks section on menu above.

Stonehenge 1 with zig-zag       abstract




One thought on “Landline Cards

  1. A good selection of images, styles and formats. I like the range of subjects and the vivid colours and contrasts. Should be something there for everyone : )

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