15 Old Nursery Rhymes, 1935

New to Landline Cards are reproductions of a limited edition illustrated book of 1935 – 15 Old Nursery Rhymes, with hand-coloured lino cuts by Biddy Darlow, published by the Perpetua Press, Bristol, in an edition of 150.  The illustrations are reproduced on the front of the cards as photographic prints, with reproductions of the nursery rhymes illustrated given on the back of each card.

Photos of six of the cards – click to view larger versions

DSC_1996-a LOW RES DSC_1999-a LOW RES

Click on image below to enlarge in a new window


A note on Biddy Darlow:- She was born in 1910, went to the Hereford High School for girls, and from thence to the Royal College of Art.  She subsequently taught in various colleges and art schools in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, including the Ruskin School of Art in Oxford, and the Bath Academy of Art in Corsham.  Her main artistic output was in printmaking – linocuts, woodcuts and lithography, with which she has illustrated a number of books – as well as in painting.  She died in 1991.  These reproductions, and the cards themselves, are a homage to her memory by her son.




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